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Polygraph - Lie Detection Services

Our experienced examiners offer polygraph testing throughout the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe


Kent Office              : 01233 22 3073

Manchester Office  : 0161 3340021

Surrey Office           : 01372 842170

UK Lie Tests helped introduce Professional Polygraph testing to the UK. We can assist you by using the latest techniques and instruments in a variety of situations for either personal or commercial purposes:

Relationship Issues / Infidelity

Whenever trust becomes an issue within a relationship it is important to tackle the problem with care. We specialise in using the polygraph to verify truth or deception within personal relationships, allowing the couple the opportunity of moving on with their lives. The decision to take a lie detector test can be a big step for any couple so contact us for free advice. No other UK company can match our experience in Relationship testing.

Sexual Abuse

When testing sexual abuse allegations we will engage the expertise of Two qualified examiners per case to ensure the verification of results before they are given to the client. We believe we are the only organisation in the UK that gaurantee this level of service for sexual abuse testing.


If you suspect someone of theft, whether in the home or at work we can help uncover the truth. Likewise if you have been accused of theft we can provide an objective solution by testing your honesty on this issue.


Fraud within an organisation can be extremely costly. We can test an individual's honesty on nearly any situation where trust is an issue. For example, consider the following: theft of merchandise or money, forged documents, missing computer information, transfer of information to competitors and misuse of company equipment.

Pre Applicant Screening

With over 25% of job applications containing a lie about serious matters such as previous convictions or drug taking, your company could be exposing itself to unnecessary risk. The present day threat of terrorism has also exposed many organisations previously not at risk to a new and real danger. Please contact us for further information on how our services can assist you in the recruitment of personnel and the security of your business.

Credit / Debit Cards Accepted


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